Writing the Five Genii Way

Mind, Heart & Soul of writing

#11 – Giving Chase to Plot

What does giving chase have to do with writing? In this and the next three blogs, I explore how writing is an ongoing process of chasing what works in fiction and non-fiction. It’s not prolonged and unrelenting, just steady. We

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#10 Pacing: Eating Raw Rhubarb

How fast would you eat raw rhubarb? Ice cream? Saltwater taffy? These and other questions invite you to think about pace. The key is to move along as fast as the mind of the reader. . .but how do you

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#7 – Your First Word is Your Last

The title of this blog sounds a bit like a warning. Beware: Your first word is your last. It’s not, however. It’s just a crisp way of saying that you won’t get to the last word of your writing if

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